An industry leader in Digital Media, Production, and Marketing for over 15 years.

From your online image and marketing, to broadcast quality video, to pro recording and sound, TSM is your go-to for all production and marketing needs. Using state of the art technology and artistic creativity, TSM offers a multitude of services such as branding, marketing, social media, website design, video production, audio production and much more. Offering more than just experience, resources, and knowledge; TSM sets the new modern standard when it comes to production creativity, effectiveness, and ultimately, results.

Years Of Experience For Your Success

Video Production

Let them see you

Coordinating talent, gear, locations, and managing the production process, all done in-house.

Website Development

Let Them Find You

Developing websites for clients of all sizes, from local businesses to international organizations, using the most modern techniques to make sure you are seen.

Audio Production

Let Them Hear You

Complete recording studio and music production services including recording, mixing, production, voice over, audio books and original music.

Graphic Design

Let Them Recognize You

Graphic design, illustrations, even drawings, TSM develops graphics for both online and print collateral.

Product Development

Let Them Remember You

Product development, branding and marketing, including creating product packaging, and promotional material to bring your brand to the head of the pack.

Internet Marketing / SEO

Give Them What They’re Looking For

Generating leads by using organic SEO techniques, highly effective landing pages and attention-grabbing online ads that convert those leads into sales

Creative Direction

Give Them An Innovative Result

TSM’s creative team can bring your vision to fruition using effective concepts that will make an impact.  

Payment Solutions

Give Them A Way To Pay You

With the lowest rate on merchant processing, we provide integration services to help your retail perform flawlessly.

Project Management

Give Them A Complete Product

With seamless workflow and the highest standard of quality, our trusted team can manage all aspects of your venture from beginning to end.


Give Them A Well-Designed Solution

Our I.T., business, and design consulting services provide you with expert guidance and planning for the implementation of your project.


Let Them Interact With You

Integrating design, marketing, and interactivity to help you not only reach but also expand your fan base or number of clients.

Expressing Your Vision

Let Them Understand Your Vision

From your raw idea to a concrete reality, we bring your concept to life, taking you along every step of the way. 

For over 14 years TSM has been producing digiital media and marketing for clients of all levels. Hear what our clients have to say

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TSM was a pleasure to work with.

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TSM was a pleasure to work with.

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TSM was a pleasure to work with.

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