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MOD Clean 2013

Mod Clean is a unique disinfectant brand serving the Salon and Beauty Industry. Mold clean first came to TSM with only the idea and the product prototype. TSM’s Task was to develop all aspects of the brand from logo to website and shopping cart, to product packaging and much more. TSM worked with the client, print companies, the product manufacturer and even distributors to make sure not only of brand consistency but also a solid marketing platform. The product is set to launch May 1st, 2016 and be sold in some of the most prestigious stores along with its own e-commerce solution.

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In late 2013, we received a call at Trusun Media from Modifi Products, a client we had worked with on a salon’s website.  They told us he had been working on a new product for some time, a disinfectant for salon and barber utensils that was in an easy-to-use dissolving pod.  They had recently developed its prototype and was ready to develop the product, and begin producing and selling it worldwide. TSM have specialized in branding and business building for well over a decade, and we were honored they had returned to us and were eager to start the process. In addition, the product’s concept was solid with many traits of a successful product. So, where did we begin?

As with many products, branding begins with the creation of the logo, or recognition, along with the vision that it will represent. Modifi Product’s team had an idea for a name―Mod―but he was open to hearing our ideas. We developed a list of ideas for names consisting of popular wording, ingredients, and other research from within the beauty industry. After careful consideration, They decided to stick with his original idea, Mod. After further discussions, thye decided to add the word “clean” to the name and hence, Mod Clean was born.

Next came the logo development. Parke wanted something clean, modern, and brandable, like something you would see on a store shelf anywhere from CosmoProf or Sally’s to Walgreens or CVS.  TSM considered all of the variables and started to develop multiple versions, with different font families and various color palettes. Finally, after many revisions, we all agreed that the old adage, “Less is more” was true and developed the logo with a clean and simple style that people could easily read and recognize.


The next phase for the branding was to create an easy image that was associated with the process of using the Mod Clean pods.  One of Mod Clean’s many benefits is that it’s simple to use and understand. Parke showed us a rough sketch of the 3-step process for using the pods and TSM took that idea and developed icon-style graphics  “Drop In Pod , Add Water, You’re Mod Clean”. The image was a perfect visual representation of how the product worked. Now, with the logo and the icon image, the brand was fully taking shape. When Parke had his next phase prepared, we’d be ready to move on it.

A few weeks later, Parke was ready to start manufacturing the product so it was time for us to start the product packaging phase.  With TSM’s experience developing many products over the years, the development of this little cleaning pod was going to be easy….or so we thought.  We quickly learned that because there were so many precautions and warnings that needed to be included on the package, there would be little room left for us to work with for our design.  Originally, Parke wanted to do an 8-pod bag but was also toying with the idea of doing a 32-count bag as well. The sizes were designed to be equal to the sizes of Mod Clean’s direct competitor to make it easy for the consumer to understand exactly how much each bag was in comparison to what they were used to buying. TSM came up with many designs in the early stages, but as we all learned more about the package disclosure requirements,  we realized that there was going to be a lot more text than we had originally thought. This left us with even less room to actually make the bags look “pretty”. After many rounds of trying to incorporate a nice design, we realized an 8-count bag would be too small to fit anything other than the disclosures text, so Parke decided to move forward with the 32-count bag only. This gave us more room for our design and text, but the design area was still limited.  In addition to the size limitation, there were rigid restrictions on what imagery could be used on the bag. After many revisions and months of back and forth with his regulatory, the final bag was complete and Parke was ready to produce his first round of product.

Now that Mod Clean was a brand name with a product, vision, and a well-designed bag, it was time to develop an online home where people would be able to learn about, view, and buy the product. Naturally, this meant the development of a website, copy, and social media presence. Even though national, and eventually international,  distribution was the goal for Parke, he knew that would take time and that it was important to create an e-commerce side of the site as well as a modern look and feel. Because TSM had invested so much time and effort in the growth of this brand with its identity and product design, creating an amazing website became a personal undertaking.  We set up a photo shoot with Parke and the first samples of the bag and pods. Our goal was to capture the visual representation of the product and its creator for the website. The photoshoot was done at Parke’s salon where the product would be introduced. This created many captivating images which remain on the site today. While the initial designs were in progress, TSM made arrangements with First Data, a credit card processing and payment solution company, for a merchant account for Mod Clean.  We were able to secure an account with very low fees because of TSM’s status as a preferred merchant provider.

As the website started coming together, and the online store was being built by the programming team at TSM, it was time to add some copy.  Parke provided us with facts and bullet points about the product including how it worked, what germs it killed, how to use it, who uses it, and why you would want to use it.  TSM’s copywriting team went to work and developed a perfect blend of facts and action words to exemplify the brand’s core message of a better, safer, and lighter disinfecting product that requires no measuring.  Once the copy was complete and approved, it led us to create sub-graphics and images to accompanied the copy for both the site and for print graphics. The completed website was comprehensive but still visually engaging.  Right from the start of website development, TSM implemented an SEO strategy that now returns Mod Clean in the top spot of the first page of results for Google ranking for the keywords salon disinfectant, salon disinfecting, beauty industry disinfectant, disinfectant pods, and more. The Mod Clean Blog was developed and currently updated with fresh content weekly.  After testing the shopping portal and checking the site on all browsers and devices, it was ready to go live.

Now that the site was a home base and was ready to roll out, we needed a way to let everyone know about it.  The best way to reach a vast audience today is with social media. Because we now had a “vibe”―a unique look and feel, eye-catching photography, a strong brand message, and representative imagery―it was easy to set up the social media channels.  We first started off with the Big Four: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, and then got into advanced work with Tumblr, Google +, and Pinterest. The hardest part about setting up all of these outlets is content.  Content is key and it’s important to get it just right.  While it’s important to have a lot of consistent content, too much repetitive information on social media channels will turn people away.  TSM developed massive amounts of imagery, blogs, contests, and videos for multiple outlets, each just a little different which is a daunting task.  We are proud to say that all of our hard work paid off and Mod Clean now has one of the most comprehensive social media presences around, especially for its product category.

Video production was a big part of both the website and social media campaign.  Video is one of the, if not the, most important pieces of a marketing strategy today, especially when it comes to a company’s online presence.  TSM set out to produce several videos that work within the product’s industry. We identified specific complaints that the industry had with Mod Clean’s competitor and developed a video that discussed What Mod Clean Is, Why you should use it over the competitor, Why it was created, along with an abundance of social media videos that would be used to drive Instagram and YouTube hits.  We also created a 3D-modeled version of the Mod Clean Bag, jar, and pod for use in images and videos to go on various social media outlets and on its website. Every month, we storyboard new ideas and develop them into fast and accurate productions to keep Mod Clean fresh and growing.  The Mod Clean brand now has a thorough portfolio of media.

Early in the branding process, we suggested to Parke that Mod Clean filed for trademark status.  This is a long process and patience is key. We helped Mod Clean file for trademark status with the help of our trusted attorney, and provided all information to the United States Patent Office.  Almost 2 years after that process began, Mod Clean® was granted its ® and became a registered trademark of Modifi Products LLC.

Mod Clean® is now a real brand and is going to tradeshows and conferences working to get its name in front of consumers, distributors, and media. But our job was far from over! To optimize exposure, TSM began a phase of developing print collateral, signage, and other tradeshow-related products. We developed several distributor and end-user flyers. For Mod Clean, each trade show was different. Some trade shows were for gaining interest for mass distribution, some were for sales, and some were for brand recognition in the industry. Each show needed print collateral that made sense to that specific crowd.  TSM worked with Mr. Parke to determine what information was important to each sector. We then used content (images and copy) that would connect to those groups. We also designed tradeshow booth components, such as table cloths, back drops, signage and video displays.

After a lot of hard work and dedication, Mod Clean came back to us with fantastic news! The product had been picked up by the enduring, nationwide beauty supply chain BSG (CosmoProf) with over 1200 stores nationally! That meant it was time to develop a Point of Purchase Display that would show off the product on the shelves of 1200 stores in all 50 states.  We were so excited for our clients! From the very beginning, TSM has been along for Mod Clean’s journey, developing all of their branding and marketing strategies, and the news of national distribution was music to our ears!


TSM discussed sizes and dimensions with Parke and to determine what layouts would best represent Mod Clean on salon shelves. While we were limited in the bag design because of the wording regulations, the Point Of Purchase display could look any way we wanted it to. TSM worked closely with Parke and came up with the final imagery and the Mod Clean POP display was developed and sent to print.  It was delivered to Cosmoprof for the May 1, 2017 store launch, and Mod Clean is now on the shelves at over 1,400 stores nationwide and counting. TSM looks forward to providing new and innovative services to Mod Clean and watching its success grow.

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