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TSM Consulting Group’s experience can help you get the most from your media and technology.

From Software Selection and Best Practices to I.T Strategy and Technology Selection, TSM Consulting Group guides you through the jungle to help you put your capital to work more effectively. Save time, money, make better decisions and successfully bring your solutions to market faster.  TSM Consulting Group has the friendly experts whose business is getting to know your business to put our experience into action. Our broad perspective comes from our founders’ interwoven skills blending a lifetime of technology, art, and commercial pursuit into a variety of applications for companies small and large. Our vertical is your vertical, your niche is our niche. Our clients serve a wide array of industries from non-profits, to professionals, from sports and entertainment stars to technology and insurance companies. TSM Consulting Group tailors solutions to your modern business challenges with media and technology that deliver lasting value.

I.T. Strategy
Software Project Management

I.T. Strategy

Software Project Management

I.T. Strategy

TSM Consulting Group helps you set a clear vision towards reaching your goals.

TSM Consulting Groups years of IT implementation experience helps you navigate the road ahead. We can help you pick the best technologies and services to solve your business challenges now and get more return out of your investment. Build a customer journey map, plan a new technology rollout, migrate from legacy to new, build or find the next big thing and stay ahead of your curve. From on premise to cloud, TSM can help you review your landscape and plot a course toward success.

I.T. Process

TSM Consulting Group helped the I.T. Team
improve process and delivery

Software Project

TSM Consulting Group brings your team and our 
team together to do great things!

Software Project Management

TSM Consulting Group can help you plan and deliver your I.T. software project.

74% of I.T. projects are delivered late and go over budget. How do you plan for what you don’t know? TSM Consulting Group has more than 15 years of hands on experience managing projects from small business to the Fortune 100, to successful completion, on time and within budget. Our diligence and experience help you craft a realistic plan with practical knowledge, well understood expectations, and reasonable contingencies. No Software project is perfect, and planning for your circumstances, tailoring to your needs, and playing to your strengths is the key to successfully navigating those choppy waters. Call on TSM Consulting Group to discuss your project management needs and build a plan toward success

Software Solutions

Delivering Delightful Experiences

We are problem solvers.

TSM Consulting Group offers solutions to a variety of I.T. challenges. We also offer custom development and integration services when out of the box just won’t do. Do you need to connect two service APIs together, to complete an end to end integration? We can help you build a bridge. Do you need a custom application or service to complete your product portfolio? We can build and deploy custom web, mobile, and voice applications, on your server or in the cloud. Bring us your custom software problem, and let’s discuss solutions.

  • Solutions – Ready to work systems and software
  • Custom – Bespoke software solutions that solve problems
  • Integration – Connect two systems or automate across systems


TSM Consulting Group offers ready to work solutions for I.T. applications.

Knowledge Management

Are you looking for an experienced Oracle Knowledge On Premise integrator? We’ve got you covered. We can help you from start to finish to get the most out of your Oracle Knowledge investment. Looking to move into Service Cloud / Oracle Knowledge Advanced? We can help you plan, migrate, and train your staff to get the most out of Service Cloud.


Learn more about SwiftMigrate, our solution for Knowledge migration with full support for Oracle Knowledge and Oracle Knowledge Advanced on Service Cloud.


Do you need a high performance WordPress solution? Our WordPress on AWS solution leverages several features and hand-picked plug-ins to create an almost maintenance free, high-performance, and secure WordPress eco-system that can scale automatically to meet demand, and can be priced based on what you use.


Custom Software that offers lasting value.

Voice Apps

Voice apps, such as Amazon Alexa Skills, are the wave of the future. Don’t be left behind. TSM Consulting Group is experienced in developing modern, intuitive Voice Applications on Amazon Alexa and AWS. From concept through design, from testing the interaction model to optimizing the code, TSM Consulting Group can help your team integrate your product or service with Amazon’s popular voice assistant. Have a hot idea for a voice app? We can help with that too. Integrate any service, IoT device, Alexa gadget, stream audio, video, and build interactive applications. TSM Consulting Group loves building voice apps!

Bespoke Solutions

TSM Consulting Group can help you bring your idea to life. Are you looking to build an Arduino solution but need help with the code part? Do you need a program to process data or have you got a hot new mobile app idea? TSM Consulting Group can help you design, develop, and deliver the software of your dreams. Solve problems, automate tedious and costly tasks, build new web applications to solve your business challenges. Contact TSM to discuss your project today. We work with a variety of technologies including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Java, PHP, ASP, C, and on a variety of platforms too. We have experience building applications on AWS, Linux, Windows, and Arduino. Let’s talk about your project, we offer no risk, no cost project consultations.


TSM Consulting Group solves I.T. integration and automation


Learn about our custom integration to show wait times on the web!


If you have to perform the same task more than once you should consider automating it. But what if you need to connect two different, disparate systems together? What if there is no out of the box workflow or automation in sight? Aries Consulting Group can solve your automation challenges. We’ll work with you to understand your process and build an approach to automation that is robust and sustainable. If a tool is needed we’ll build it. If a bridge is needed we’ll build it. Let’s talk about how we can save you time and money with the magic of automation.


A chatbot or voice app can be a risky proposition. While they are all the rage right now, do you know how to implement one? At Aries Consulting Group, we know how to make chatbots and voice apps that work better, delight your customers, and increase satisfaction. We can work with your business to determine how best to leverage these new and exciting technologies. Build interactions with your customers that will delight and assist instead of frustrate and drive away. Improve engagement, increase customer satisfaction and sell more product with less effort with a quality chatbot or voice app. We can show you how to leverage your existing knowledge base to speed chatbot configuration. We will help you integrate the bot into any platform or website. From customer service to sales, ask Aries and we can help.