Search Engine Optimization is more than sprinkling a few keywords here and there throughout your content. The SEO experts at TSM can drive your marketing campaign using the latest SEO practices. Effective SEO will increase visibility and improve your search engine ranking so your customers can find you. With TSM’s SEO experts, you can reach the top pages and get results.

Targeted Keyword Research

Understanding your demographic is important in identifying what keywords they are targeting. In our keyword research, we recognize opportunities that are successful in growing your web traffic by studying the competition. We then adapt these strategies to ensure more traffic flows to your website.

Online Local SEO Optimization

TSM Marketing is an independent brand with extensive experience in SEO optimization. A key factor in page optimization is to truly understand the purpose behind meta description and title tags. A technique that involves on-page local SEO updates.

Google My Business & Other Local Maps Optimization

Having your business online has become the new wave of gaining momentum online, and Google My Business is a major player in being listed on their maps. We can help in ensuring that your profile is correctly entered into Google which will direct smoother traffic flow to your website.

Technical Analysis & Site Speed Optimization

Is your online presence stagnant? It is important that your website is up-to-date with key elements that improve your relevancy online. This is why we offer an analysis that evaluates ways to enhance your speed and direct hits to your website.

Rich Snippet & Schema Optimization – Schema Markup

Having your information online with consistent listings of your name, address, and phone number is important. This is key to having your website appear in Results Pages on Google Search Engine. Search engines can accurately read and understand the content before indexing your website.

Review Acquisition Strategies

How do you let others know that people like your company? Reviews are a top contributor to helping others to not only learn about your company, but also to help you earn the respect from Google, Bing, Yelp, and your client’s trust. Helping to connect your customers to leave their best opinions of your company for others to see is something that TSM Marketing will help you with.

Local Citation Building

Local citation building is another way to say link building, but with your geographic information included. Local citations come from many different sources. There are as many different ways to properly acquire them as there are places to get them from. This is a strategy that is mandatory to supplement your maps and Google My Business listing.

Content Writing & Landing Page Creation

TSM Marketing understands the importance of SEO and ensures our clients are provided the fundamentals in having the correct information on their website. From our informative first meeting to the entire content research and page building process we are with our clients every step of the way. Content writing is equally important to your audience as it is to search engines. So choosing the right topic and content can be tedious but is beneficial on a long term basis. We’ve hired some of the most talented writers and are ready to assign them to work on your website in bring insight into your content matter.

High Quality Link Building

Building effective links are valuable in any SEO campaign and can be the most challenging when it comes to strategizing the best keywords that are right for your brand. Having many years of experience in the industry has empowered us in targeting the best sources for our clients. Our attention is focused on getting the right sources, value, and velocity to ensure that our SEO link building is effective for the brand we represent.

Reporting & Task Accountability

TSM Marketing’s communication knows how to accomplish the best results for our clients.  We create a detail analysis that outline our vision for your business in the format of on-page work, the content we’ve created, links we’ve built, keyword rankings, Google Analytics segments, and how that’s affected your bottom line. This is key to setting and achieving our goals with online marketing.