Quick Fix: Pro Tools Crashing While Saving

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  • There are few circumstances more frustrating than a Pro Tools Session crashing. As with any CPU intensive software, latency and are inevitable. As a producer or engineer, it’s our job to troubleshoot and circumnavigate these issues in order to assure that our sessions go smoothly to keep our clients coming back.
  • Today’s article will focus on a very specific program error that results in Pro Tools immediately crashing when saving the session. If you’ve reopened the session and experienced this crash multiple times, the pattern can be quickly established. However, the resolution can be complicated if you’re not searching in the right places.


  • The most common reason for Pro Tools crashing during a save sequence is that the hard drive in use is near capacity. Fortunately, the resolution is simple and concise.
  • You will want to begin by clearing space on your hard drive. Even if you have just enough available space on your drive, the constant reading and writing that occurs can slow down processing as the storage nears its maximum capacity.
  • If you find that your drive has substantial space and the issue still persists, it’s likely that your session contains a corrupt file. Here’s your plan of action:
    • Immediately close the session before additional auto-backups can instantiate. Open the most recent backup of your session from the “Session File Backups” folder and save it. It may help you to rename the saved session or to “Tag” the newly saved session file with a distinct color. Depending on your back-up settings, you may have to redo any additional work that may have been lost between your back-up and when the original session was closed.
    • If the previous instructions didn’t work, your next step should be to create a new session at the same sample rate, bit depth, frame rate, session start time, etc. Within the new Pro Tools session, you will want to open the “Import Session Data” menu and be sure to copy all audio files and tracks to the new session.
  • To avoid this issue in the future, keep tabs on your available drive space before creating a new Pro Tools session. If you find that the culprit is a corrupt file, follow the above steps to quickly mend this problem and keep your session moving.